Mr Wizzle Wins

Finally!  My friend, Mr Wizzle, after completely botching the WSER 1980s video trivia contest, getting schooled by Soderlund in the WSER course trivia contest, not even getting answers submitted for the WTC trivia contest, (“I have a job unlike the rest of you guys”) and failing to even show up at the Georgetown Hotel to ask Virginia to sing a duet with him, wins a Conduct the Juices hoodie by answering his own trivia contest.

Before we get to the answers, here is a video that Monkeyboy clued me into.  We think it may be AJW doing secret States training.  Remember him telling us how he conditions his feet?

OK, back to the JizzleWizzle trivia contest.  Here are the answers:

1. How many 100 mile races has Mr Wizzle completed?

21 starts, 21 finishes.

2. How many times has he been second place in 100 mile races?


3. There is a runner in Eugene, OR who used to date Mrs Wizzle in high school.  What is his name?

Joe Moll

4. Who is the first person to give him the moniker “The Bridesmaid?”

Joe Kulak which was later used by Garret Graubins in a Trail Runner Magazine article

5. Who does he consider his 100 mile mentor?

Tommy Nielsen

6. How many kids does he have?  (that his wife knows about)


7. What’s his marathon PR?

2:47 (not 2:38 like he would like you to believe)

8. How many beers does he drink the night before WS?

He says four and who am I to doubt him

9. What endurance sport did he do before running?


10. What does he do for a living?

Headmaster (what us poor people call a principal)

Extra Credit:  What is his golf handicap?

He played in high school and college and was pretty good with a handicap of 6 or 8 he can’t seem to remember exactly.  Now he is about a 14 but only plays a couple of times a year.

BigE got several answers (4 or 5) correct before JizzleWizzle.  And for her efforts she will get a t-shirt.  Cougarbait got only 1 or 2 correct but definitely had the most creative answers.  He already has a hoodie so we’ll just give him kudos here on the blog.  Jiz gets the hoodie.

Now get out and train! The WSER site says 79 days!


  1. Training like crazy so I can keep up with the JizzleWizzle at States …. and then smoke him at Leadville.

    Bonus Wizzle Trivia Question:
    For what percent of Jizzle Wizzle’s 100 mile wins have I been his pacer?

    [Some as yet undetermined gear to the winner… if only because it involves math.]

  2. @AJW – What size hoodie do you want? I just got some 2XL and 3XL if you think you might balloon up to 200 pounds again.

    @Cougarbait – Oh yea, the masters is going on. Thanks for the reminder. Now that Tiger is playing again maybe I’ll pay attention.

    @William Swint – The Jiz is full of badassery. And wait until he shares how he toughens up his kidneys.

    @BigE – What size shirt do you want: S, M, L, XL? I can I give it to Ben R who I assume is your brother, right?

  3. @LB – i can’t believe you asked me if i wanted a L/XL. (lol) a small please. and yes, you can give it to benelux who is indeed my bro.

    @Jiz – shouldn’t you pay better attention to your times? i mean, getting your marathon time wrong by 9 min is one thing – but 9 min could potentially cause a M2 at WS – “the bridesmaid” again.

    oh, and @ whoever – good remedies for not getting blisters???

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