A Weekend in the Rogue River Valley

I went down to Ashland this past weekend to run the Pear Blossom 10 miler in Medford.  These are some of the things I learned.

  1. Even with decapitations and blood flying all over I can still fall asleep in the front row of MacBeth.
  2. Elevators in two-story houses are cool.
  3. SLF is one skinny little …
  4. The Co-Op is an excellent place for a lay back.
  5. I knew I was hanging out with ultrarunners when, after telling someone that I ran 59:56 for 10 miles they replied, “sub one, good job.”
  6. Max King is one bad dude.
  7. There is an ultrarunner from Eugene who is faster than Hal (way to represent, lc).
  8. Medford is as confusing for me to navigate as Bend.
  9. Even atheists can get gifts from Jesus on Easter Sunday (we found $100 on the Rogue River Trail).
  10. You can spread giardia by not using your bidet or by talking about sex.


  1. 1. No surprise you’d fall asleep in MacBeth. If you don’t know who Robert Burns is, you probably aren’t going to appreciate the “Scottish” play.
    2. No surprise you’d like the Co-op, our “alternative” market. After all, you are from Eugene. The patchouli oil smell drives me nuts. You probably didn’t notice it.
    3. No surprise you got lost in Medford or Bend. You’re a guy, we never ask for directions.
    4. No surprise you can get giardia by talking about sex. As an ultrarunner, that’s pretty much all we do, talk about sex.

    Which middle age white guy are you?


    PS- That was my $100 on the trail. I had it stashed for my down and back in May.

  2. @SLF

    1. Don’t I get some props for at least going to a play? Good thing I read the synopsis or I wouldn’t have understood much, although I might have gotten better sleep since I wouldn’t have even tried to understand what was going on…

    2. I did notice MacBeth smelled of patchouli when the witches ripped his shirt off. Not pleasant.

    3. We did ask directions but she didn’t speak English. No kidding!

    4. What about KRW?

    Uhhh, Ticer picked up the money. Talk to him.

  3. LB I recall you fell asleep at the play last year too; “The Clay Cart” and it was a bunch of barely clad women dancing around on stage. I suggest next year you go to an earlier event, or perhaps a movie. or maybe just save $35 and sleep at your hotel. BTW, KRW broke a rib on the icy part but is healing up…and will be there @ WS

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