Show Us Your Waldo

Are you running Waldo next weekend?  Do you want a free entry into the 2011 race?  Do you want to wear the crazy perpetual Waldo hat?  Do you want $250 cash?  Then show us your Waldo.

The bro showing his Waldo

BK Showing His Waldo

We’re pretty sure we are the only race with this kind of award. Each aid station, after they close, gets to vote on which runner they think had or showed the best Waldo.  Runner with the most votes wins.  The intent is to be your attitude, personality, or appreciation for the volunteers but you can interpret it in whatever way you want and so can the volunteers.  If you come into an aid station all grumpy and nasty and are curt (sorry, Curt) with the volunteers, you probably won’t get their vote.  If you come in with a good attitude and are appreciative, well, you’ll make the volunteers happy but you still might not get their vote.  Do something unique that will make them remember you in a positive way and you might get their vote.  We’ve had this award for the past three years and these are the guys that have won it.

  • Ed Willson (that’s two l’s and one eye) – this was just plain pathetic begging from his wife.
  • Rob Cain – wore the costume of the coloring book character that I won’t name or show a picture of because our race has nothing to do with him.
  • Leif Rustvold – ran in his five-fingers and impressed the ladies at the aid stations.

The irony is that none of these three have been able to come back and finish the race since so maybe it is a curse?



This is the first year we’re giving cash (thanks to Sunsweet) and we’re not sure what this will bring out, but our aid station folks are ready for anything.  Show us your Waldo.

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