MB Camp Wrap-up

Cooling the core down with ice cream and soda

Cooling the core down with ice cream and soda

Michigan Bluff Training Camp version 2009 ended with some lovely California weather.  It probably rained about 3-4 inches on Friday and Saturday in the Bluff.  We almost had to cancel the Ice Cream Sandwich run because of the mud (I hear they do that in California).  But it was a train wreck of a run, with only two of seven completing the whole run including the requisite 1:15 from Foresthill to Cal 2 without puking.  lc, who did a great job conducting the juices in my absence – thanks, lc – called Friday night saying his plane was delayed so he was not coming.  I was nursing a sore leg so I decided to hike for 25 miles and then run the last 9.  Tapeworm split it up into two runs, taking a 6 hour break that included a hot tub, 3 meals, a movie, and a horse race.  Then we had to deal with hypothermia which got just a little scary as there are no shower curtains on Cal St.  Eating ice cream sandwiches and drinking cold sodas in 46 degree rain after 42 miles is a great way to lower core temperature.  Suffice to say, we eventually all got back to MB safely and before dark.

So what did lc do instead of run the ICS in the cold rain?  He ran the Eugene Marathon on Sunday in a PR 2:45.  Not bad for a hairy-legged, baby-stroller-pushing, tom-selleck-obsessed ultrarunner who signed up for the race the night before.

Enjoying a drink at the Hall's

Enjoying a drink in Michigan Bluff

To wrap up camp we brainstormed and came up with these most memorable quotes from this year.

  1. Put your suspenders on and flare it up! [Monkeyboy]
  2. Did you eat your coniferous vegetables today, Dan? [Tapeworm’s Love Interest]
  3. I can’t burp due to a birth defect. [SLF]
  4. Don’t look. [French Kiss]
  5. Andy, do you have one of these? [GM]
  6. I’m not running or sleeping so I might as well be eating. [Tapeworm]
  7. I’ll have the driver bring it up. [Monkeyboy]
  8. Did you run off a batch? [The Jiz]
  9. It’s balony weather. [The Jiz]
  10. Its your turn to talk to Lewis tonight. [Everybody]

Did I miss any?

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  1. Glad to hear you guys had so much fun. lc’s blogging was hilarious. The ‘Big Lebowski’ banter was priceless. Good job lc! And nice going with your PR! I was surprised as hell to see both you and Monkey Boy in the Yooj Marathon. Nice running guys.

  2. My favorite part of the week was watching LB strategize a response to SD100’s bet on AJW’s blog. You could see the gears turning and the smoke coming out of his ears for a couple of hours. RVR beat him to the punch with a killer response.
    Most noteworthy performance: GM on her finish to Cal 2 from Foresthill. No one was left standing…She also managed to find a 1911-dime during the run. Priceless.
    lc can not only run fast (congrats on the PR) but the dude knows how to write. Still trying to fathom the Tom Selleck infatuation which he notably remained silent on. Also wanted him to know the fart jokes+dick reference ratio went down midweek rather than up as originally forecast. Some correlation I’m still attempting to interpret.
    Thanks all for making it a great week. It’s a real fountain of youth. I haven’t felt that juvenile in years.

  3. It sounds like another GREAT time that I MISSED! Since it is obvious that you folks are all NUTS, it is either because of the Oregon water, running too many miles, eating too many brownies – ahhhh maybe that is it. Good job Laurie for being the Survivor winner. Am I going to find any strange apparel when I head up there tomorrow? Look forward to seeing you Memorial weekend.

  4. @hairclub – Good seeing you out on the course. Thanks for entertaining us with your funny story about the Eugene cop.
    @Craig – Thanks to LB for letting me conduct the juices for a few days. Wish I could have been there!
    @SLF – Glad you survived the camp experience. And as for your Selleck question, as Thornley always says about Western States, if you have to ask “why” you’ll never get it!

  5. @ Carol without the E: We sure missed seeing you, Carol. Will you be around Memorial Day weekend? I’d be on the look out for LB’s arm panties, GM’s single calf condom and Bilirubin’s sharted in shorts…

    I also just remembered a memorable quote from the weekend:

    Tapeworm: Selleck would fill up our shower drain with pubes…

  6. lc did a good job calling the play-by-play he’s a better writer, maybe he ought to write stuff for a living.

    What was total down there? What was total hours in you guys ran in a week?

  7. @SLF – Fountain of Youth? That’s why I like to have really old guys around me. Thanks.

    @Carol without the E – You just might find a small conduct the juices shirt. Enjoy.

    @cougarbait – My 9 day total of running and hiking in the canyons was 144 miles. Hours? Lots, since when I did run it was really slow. But it was hard on this old guy. I’ve been consuming MSM at the rate of about 10 grams per day.

  8. So, mom from Cool (Carole with an e)has a question: What is MSM? I take it it has something to do with nursing the injury? It was fun and funny hanging out with you all for a few hours last week. Thanks for the delicious tasting meal! Hope that you all that read this blog noticed that Craig’s mom has a conduct the juices shirt. How about that?

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