Why Conduct the Juices?

Perhaps this post is a bit late since I started my blog a few weeks ago, but let me explain a little about the name of the blog, why I started it, and what I would like it to be.

Why the name?

I have a “conduct the juices” sticker in the climbing gym in my garage.  Of course, if you couldn’t tell already, I have an irreverent sense of humor so, yes, I intended a perverted meaning.  But I actually love the phrase as it can mean a whole lot more.  It can be your endorphins, your mojo, your humor, your anger, your adrenaline … whatever makes you feel alive.

I’ve been using that phrase for a monthly piece I write in my patrol newsletter for almost three years now.  My wife suggested when I stop being patrol director and writing the Juice Piece that I create a blog with the same name.  Well, I’m still PD, but the time has come to blog.

Why a blog now?

Yes, I realize that blogs have been around for many years, and that there are tens of millions of them.The queen of the blogosphere, Arianna Huffington, said the other night on the Daily Show that there are 50,000 new blogs started every day!  When I heard that, I realized it was probably time for me to jump on board.  You see, I didn’t get a CD player until sometime in the 90s.  I didn’t get a cell phone until three years ago.  I got my first laptop two years ago.  I still don’t have a flat-screen TV.  And, of course, I don’t have an iPhone.  So, starting a blog 9 years after blogging was created seems fitting for me.

I have been writing race reports and climbing trip reports for years and I often get the comment, “you should write a book, Craig, or submit these to a magazine.”  Maybe a book is in my future, but I think the blog will actually be better for me.  Searchable content. Comment threads. Immediate publishing. I have already written ten 100 mile race reports, a popular WS trail description I wrote a couple years ago, and a report about climbing El Cap in 1998, so I had plenty of content to start with.

I need an outlet for my pent-up creative energy.  I’ve been mostly using the left side of my brain for all my adult life … it’s time I exercise the right side.

What do I want it to be?

This will primarily be about ultrarunning.  Hopefully I will have informative, useful posts about topics such as Western States preparation, crewing, descriptions, and the history of the event, trail, and area.  I will continue writing race reports for 100 milers.  I will have completely whacked out humorous pieces like the Leadville race report I wrote for lc (yes, I wrote his race report and he wrote my retort).  I will make fun of myself and others.  I will examine topics that are pertinent to the ultrarunning community, some that may ignite your passion.  I will have many guest posts. I’ve already written several new posts that are just waiting for me to push the publish button, I have about 25 more ideas for post topics, and several people have already agreed to write guest posts.  What it won’t be is an “I ran 4 miles today” type of blog.

I think the comment threads on blogs are where some of the best content is.  Please comment on the posts.  I want to have discussion.  Schmack talk is encouraged. Intelligent comments on the serious topics are appreciated.  Watch the language – no f-bombs please.  I am very difficult to offend, and I have a healthy self-esteem so please let me have it.  Sure, I don’t mind the love me comments as we all need to have our egos stroked once in a while, but that is not why I’ve started a blog.

So, what makes you feel alive?  What conducts your juices?

4/13/09 Update: Guest Bloggers

I have been helped by the following guest bloggers.  Click here for a list of all their posts.

Alan Abbs (White Trash).  Husband of Bev Anderson-Abbs.  Runs races just about every weekend.  Manager of Team Sunsweet.  Is running his 4th WS in 2009.

Greg Eyerly (Cougarbait).  Recently moved from Oregon to Iowa.  Running first 100 miler June 2009.

Lewis Taylor (lc).  New talent from Eugene, Oregon.  Has won Way Too Cool and Where’s Waldo 100km.  Running 3rd 100 at WS in 2009.

Tim Twietmeyer (Twiet).  25-time WS finisher.  Five-time WS winner.  President of the WSER board of directors.  Lives in Auburn, Ca.


  1. Craig,

    I look forward to seeing what your right brain writing looks like. I feel like I have seem some of it but you have only started the actual process of salivating. We’re not yet drooling.

    If you want to see a colorful comment reel check out this interchange between a two bit blogger and ultra running charity support man David Goggins. You might of read some of it on Scott Dunlap’s blog. Here’s the link:


    Have a good week.

  2. Dear LB, great guru of all things ultra,

    I watched you run the other day at MRTR as you and your L-train passed me. You run like gazelles, barely touching down as you skim over rocks, roots and other hazards. How do I learn to run like you? Are there exercises I can do so that I can be lighter on my feet? Please share some of your great knowledge with us, oh master.

    Your awe-inspired fan.

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