Top Ten Mistakes You Aren’t Going To Make

Here are the top ten mistakes you are not going to make in the next 12 days.

10. Run yourself into the ground or to injury.  Yeah, tapering sucks, but the training you do in the next two weeks is more likely to leave you tired than to help you (with the exception of heat or altitude training).

9. Starve yourself to get those last two pounds of winter (or is old age?) fat off.  That’s like 7000 more calories burned than consumed.  In 12 days that is a daily deficit of 583 calories.  Hmmm, ok, if you are AJW all you would have to do is cut your beer drinking in half.  I guess it is possible.  Think two weeks is enough time to evaporate this belly?

It's All In The Head, Not The Belly

8. Get a brand new pair of shoes you’ve never worn and pull them out of the box for the first time the morning of the race.  As I was told years ago, “nothing new on race day.”

7. Ignore the heat training.  It’s been an unseasonably cool spring so why expect it to be above 75 on race?  This is something that you actually can train in the next 10 days.  Sauna, bank-robber suits, wait until hottest part of the day to exercise, turn the heat on in the house and car, move to AZ, etc…  But, one of many things one of my friends learned a couple of years ago, make the Wednesday before race day your last heat training session.

Nice And Toasty

6. Figure out what your fueling plan should be.  Trying new stuff on race day is risky for most of us.  See #8.

Jeff Bilirubin Riley

5. Throw your back out doing yard work because you have all this unused energy from tapering and the wet spring has caused your yard to look like this:

Somebody Needs To Alert The City

4. Forget to paint your toenails.

Go Ducks

3. Crash on your mountain bike.

Riding With Eyes Closed? No Wonder I Fell.


2. Not attend the WS panel discussion on Thursday 6/23 at Squaw Valley Lodge 6:30pm.  The panel which includes Nikki Kimball, Luanne Park, Scotty Mills, Jim Scott, and myself will be under the supervision and guidance of the headmaster.  Oh, and after the discussion the Jiz is going to pay up on losing our match play mile last November.  Yep, c-jisl-wisl is going to shave daddy’s head.

1. Take yourself too seriously.  Remember, except for maybe a handful of guys that are hoping to make the US 100 Mile Olympic Team, we do this for fun, for recreation.  Keep it in perspective and try to soak in the experiences of the event.  And don’t forget to laugh.


Laugh With The Queen Not At Her

Did I miss any?


  1. Christ man, I wasn’t sure I was looking at a belly. I don’t think that looks any thing like my belly. I was seriously considering calling Craig to see if he had lost his mind with the last minute heat training.

    • Are you finally through with all the drama: Should I run? I am running. No, I’m not running. You think I should run? 100s are HARD! OK, I’m running… Strap those damn shoes on and let’s run to Auburn – sans smartphone. Your girlfriend will do a fine job covering the race in your absence. Look forward to seeing you, Bryon.

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