What I Like

Training with friends. Photo by LongRun Picture Co

I like training, maybe more than racing.

I like inspiring and motivating.

I like connecting.

I like helping and watching my friends reach their potential.

I like giving, but also the reciprocity that it engenders.

I like setting goals and working hard reaching for them.

I like my wife, she’s a keeper.

I like laughing.

I like creating.

I like progress but not without proper respect to the past.

I like integrity and honesty.

I like leading.

I like competing WITH people not AGAINST them.

What do you like?


  1. I like knowing stuff and not being totally wrong as in – Competition comes from the latin competere- early latin- come together late latin strive together– key word here is together- together to bring out the best in each other and thereby the whole…

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