2010 Waldo 100K Brief Recap

The 2010 Where’s Waldo 100k, the first race in the 2010-2011 Montrail Ultra Cup, had a record number of finishers.  We had 107 finishers out of 123 starters which was a record in terms of total finishers and percentage (87%).  Here are the top five male and female finishers.

  1. Tim Olson, 26, 9:25:04
  2. Dan Olmstead, 38, 9:34:34
  3. Lewis Taylor, 37, 10:09:30
  4. Erik Skaden, 38, 10:21:33
  5. Mark Lantz, 45, 10:28:40
  1. Meghan Arbogast, 49, 10:52:50
  2. Amy Sproston, 36, 11:02:37
  3. Jenny Capel, 37, 11:39:50
  4. Ashley Nordell, 30, 11:45:00
  5. Angela Shartel, 36, 12:47:16

Sunday Afternoon Update: Complete official results are posted on race website.

Men's Winner Tim Olson at summit of Fuji Mtn

2010 Male Champion Tim Olson at summit of Fuji Mtn (Laurie Monico photo)

Female Open and Master Champ Meghan Arbogast at Charlton Lake

2010 Female Open and Masters Champ Meghan Arbogast at Charlton Lake

Thanks to the 123 runners who started, the 170+ volunteers, the sponsors, and everybody who watched the race.  Applications for next year’s race (Aug 20, 2011) will be available March 1, 2011.


  1. Way to go, all you Waldo-ites: great web coverage! It was so much fun to be able to watch from afar – WT’s blog posts plus the twitter coverage and pix. There are definitely some bigger races (some that were even run the same day… not to name any names, tho) who have something to learn about available media. And even tho it’s great to have another RV runner win (Tim), the winner, in my book, is Meghan. What more can I say – she is just the best. I hope there were lots of hugs for her at the line.


    • @Mel B., Thanks. Alan did do a great job with the blog. I think our race is small enough that we can do this. If you have 700 runners it’s going to be difficult to answer individual queries about runners. I did have many other photos from Fuji and Charlton that I was trying to tweet but they were taking a long time. Maybe next year we’ll do streaming video.

      And, yes, Meghan is something. She is on track to be ultrarunner of the year.

    • @AJW, Dan and Tim both said yes. Amy is also taking her spot. Meghan was already in because of her second place finish at WS this year so the second women’s spot rolled down to Jenny. She said at the awards ceremony that she won’t be running WS.

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