2011 Waldo 100K Recap

Here’s a quick recap from last weekend’s Waldo 100K.

  • Finisher Stats: 123 starters and 95 finishers = 77%
  • Weather: Hot and dry. Snow was minimal with maybe one mile to run through.
  • Mosquitoes: Population healthiest in ten years of the race.
  • Winners: Dave Mackey from California broke Erik Skaggs’ course record by 4 minutes finishing in 9:06:51. Aliza Lapierre from Vermont ran second fastest women’s time of 10:33:24
  • WS Spots: With Mackey and Ian Sharman already in WS because they finished top ten, Portland’s Nick Triolo grabbed the only male spot in The Dance. On the women’s side, Aliza finished 6th this year at States so both Denise Bourassa and Darla Askew earn tickets to The Dance.
  • Find Waldo: Mackey was first to summit Fuji in a new record 1:59
  • Wet Waldo: Mikio Miyazoe swam in all six eligible lakes and finished in 12:51:28.
  • Show Us Your Waldo: Leif Rustvold – “Joseph Campbell styled hero quest involving a cursed hat and Waldo themed lyrics put to recognizable songs.”
  • DFL: Peter Fish, 75, finished at 11:25pm after 20:25 to finish his second Waldo, but first since he’s been in his 70’s. Perhaps the most impressive finish of the day.
  • Webcast: Ultralive.net. Our ham radio operators made use of three different repeaters and transmitted all splits to the finish via voice, and then those times were entered into the database by Ian and Sara for close to real-time viewing.
  • Retirements. 10-year Co-RD and Co-Founder Curt Ringstad will become aid station captain of Charlton Lake with his wife Barb who is retiring as 10-year aid station captain of Maiden Lake. 10-year aid station captain Cyndy Meno from Mt Ray. 9-year aid station captains Bob Alexander and Melissa Berman from the crazy Twins. 5-year aid station captain Scott Leonard from Charlton Lake.
  • New Assistant RD: Meghan “The Queen” Arbogast made her debut as third in command with her Moeben white skirt and personalized belt with a WS belt buckle.
  • Photography: For the first time we had a professional photographer take photos of the race. Michael Lebowitz of the LongRun Picture Company had three photographers out in some pretty cool remote spots. Check out the gallery here. Runners can download digitial images for free to use on their blogs, etc. Please make sure to give photo credit to LongRun Picture Co. You can also purchase prints which would help Michael cover his costs.

Start of race. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Pothole Meadow on Mt Ray Trail. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Dave Mackey at the finish. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Aliza Lapierre near Lower Rosary Lake. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Denise Bourassa coming down Fuji. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Ian Sharman at finish. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Nick Triolo and his crew at finish. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Chris Downie with 3 miles to go. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Phil Vaughn - the man on the mic. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Retiring Co-RD Curt Ringstad with new Asst RD Meghan Arbogast. Photo by Frank Ratti

Darla Askew at the finish. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Peter Fish in Pothole Meadow. Photo Credit: LongRun Picture Company

Next Waldo is scheduled for August 18, 2012. Registration will open at UltraSignup.com on March 1.


  1. Craig, the Long Run company did an amazing job capturing so many runners in so many places in such many states! It was fun “watching” friends I missed, tell them thanks. I guess Tom Riley is back? What kind of shorts are you wearing, man? Meghan looks so different fully clothed and serious:) I need to come back to this beautiful course! Thrilled for Darla’s WS spot! And I heard you’re coming back to Bandera, bring more folks, I’ll be where I was!

    • Olga, next year Michael is going to hike up to Leap of Faith and capture runners coming down the really rocky steep section. I think another cool place would be near Found Lake, not an easy place to get to either. We haven’t talked about that location yet. sshhh.

      We had a such a good time at Bandera last year that yes we are coming back. One lap sounds long enough for me, though.

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