New Domain

After a couple of years of being hosted at the UO, Conduct The Juices has finally moved to a new domain and to a new host.  You can find it here at the easy to remember and easy to type  Big deal, huh?  As my wife said, it is kinda like changing your underwear: it feels good to me but nobody else notices a difference.  [BTW, thanks Brewhaha for the nice boxer shorts.]

After Western States, I’ve been pretty much focused on getting ready for Waldo 100K on August 20.  The field is looking good and I will be blogging about it and other aspects of the race and race directing in the coming weeks.  As most of the mountain races, we have a considerable snowpack this year, but we won’t be making any modifications to the course.  The race will be using for the live webcast. This is the same webcast created for and used by Western States.  Ted Knudsen has done an incredible job and we’re grateful he is letting us use it.  We’re also grateful for our dedicated and loyal ham radio operators who will be challenged to get all the splits in the database in real-time.

On a personal note, I’ve decided to run a couple more ultras this year.  I’ll be running White River 50 miler for the 4th time in a couple of weeks, and then going to Virginia in October to run Grindstone 100 miler for the first time and hang out with the Jizzle Wizzle clan.

I will end this post with a picture of the Douglas Horse Pasture Meadow on Skyline Trail at about mile 5 on the Waldo course, taken a couple of days ago.  Get up there and enjoy the mountains.

Mile 5 on the Waldo 100K course



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