Ten Best Compliments

Here are ten of the best “compliments” I’ve received.

10. You have the best blog in ultrarunning … because your posts are not about you.

9. You’re not old LB, you just act that way.

8. I’m glad you led for the first three miles … so I could practice my 72-hour pace.

7. Your race is an old-school boutique ultra.

6. Yes, you are the Good Son … your brother is the Gooder Son.

5. You were on the first page of the results!

4. People may appear to be laughing at you, but there’s a chance they’re not.

3. With your sub-5 mile I’d think you’d be faster than me at 50K.

2. I like your hat … your head doesn’t look too big in it.

1. I want to train with you because I want to learn how to run slow.

Thanks, everybody. You sure know how to make a guy feel good about himself.


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