Running Wild – Video on Meghan Arbogast and John Ticer

University of Oregon students Cameron Marks and Konrad Wojcik made a short video exploring the minds of masters ultrarunners Meghan Arbogast (49) and John Ticer (54). Both are good friends and training partners of mine, providing inspiration to keep training hard year after year. Even if you know both of them I bet you learn something new about them.  Great job Cameron and Konrad.


  1. I can’t help but be touched to see a snip of the MRTR map in this video, not only for
    the history of it, but because of the real quality of the sport that Meghan, Craig, and John
    brought to that race over the years. A good part of the McKenzie legacy is their legacy too.
    Somebody really put some thought into this production and to that I say thanks ! phil

    • Phil,
      Those two students were SO professional, so dedicated to getting the story right, getting as much footage as possible. They were courteous always, apologetic while they struggled with lighting and sound, and inspired by what John and I and ultra runners do. I felt the story came out pure without exaggeration and I find it affirming that we are still inspiring others. It was fun getting the attention, and I am glad it brings positive attention to our sport.

  2. Loved this video.
    I was wondering what the ultra-running group is in Eugene that they mentioned. I just did my first ultra a few months ago and want to do more and would love to be apart of the group in Eugene. Any info would be appreciated!

  3. Wow! I just stumbled on this great video. I am an ultra runner who moved to the Eugene/Springfield area 10 months ago. Do you guys still train together? When and where, and may I join in?

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