Some Random Observations about Ultrarunning

1. now lists 83 100 mile races in North America.  Yeah, that includes the Canucks but does anybody even run their events?

2. We still have a magazine that lists every finisher from every ultra run in this country. DNFs are excluded but I know somebody who is keeping track.

3. Most race directors are volunteers, but I wonder how many volunteers are volunteers?

4. You can now earn as much as $10,000 for winning a 50-mile raceAlmost as much as a headmaster earns in a month.

5. It’s taboo to say or write anything critical about a race, a runner, or an online registration service, even if it is for-profit or they are sponsored (not that it should matter). Can’t you see my grassy roots?

6. We have “national championship” races where runners are DQ’d for wearing headphones.  Think you’d be DQ’d if you stuffed cotton in your ears?

7. One of our most famous characters is barely over five feet tall, has glistening calves, and is ripped like a prize fighter.  No, I’m not referring to you, Seed.

8. We have mandatory “volunteer” service requirements to compete in our 100 mile races. I know, “give it a rest, LB.”

9. We’re a long ways from being an olympic sport yet we’re becoming mainstream. “Hey, have you read Born To Run?”

10. The grandfather of our sport apparently needs a nickname. Gordy, how about Barbados?

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  1. Well there goes the neighborhood…$10k for a trail race thats insane.Since we seem to have a cap on the number of people running in most trail races( which I believe is good for the trails even if I don`t get into States) I guess that was the only way left to ruin our sport.
    In a show of true sportsmanship if I win I will donate the money to a Trail Foundation of Craigs choice.

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