The Queen

If you haven’t noticed, the Queen, a.k.a. Meghan Arbogast, is having one hell of a year at 49 years old.  A year that could end with the title Ultrarunner of the Year.  She is in Gibraltar this week to run in her third World 100K championship and it wouldn’t surprise me if she is standing on the podium this weekend.  She finished 6th in 2008 and 5th last year behind Kami Semick and Devon Crosby-Helms, who are not running this year.  Can she break 8 hours and get a top three finish?  Let’s review her amazing year.

  • USATF championship #1 at Mad City 100K (roads) in 8:00
  • 1st at Ice Age 50 miler (trail) in 7:17
  • 2nd place at Western States 100 in 19:15
  • Winner of the 2009-2010 Montrail Ultra Cup
  • USATF championship #2 at White River 50 mile (trail) in 8:10.
  • 1st at Where’s Waldo 100K (trail) in 10:52
  • 1st at McKenzie River 50K (trail) in 4:10
  • US Olympic Trials marathon qualifier of 2:45:46 at Twin Cities

She also ran 2:46 at Napa Valley Marathon, just missing the Olympic Trials qualifying time by less than a minute, and then a week later finished 5th at Chuckanut 50K.

The Queen at Twin Cities Marathon (2:45)

What is so special about this year is not just that she has defied her age and put together her best year of running ever, but that she lost her husband Brian of 25 years in August.  He had battled brain tumors for about four years and Meghan was his primary care giver while she trained and raced at this highest level.  Yeah, wow is right.

If you want to follow along this weekend, you can try this new IAU website for live updates.

Go, Meghan!


  1. This may seem like a small thing to you, but it’s not to me: Meghan will forever have my gratitude for introducing me to chocolate milk as ultrarunning fuel.

    I’m interested to see what she does after turning 50, too. Meghan’s time at Twin Cities was two full minutes faster than the current women’s 50-54 marathon record, set just three weeks ago…

    … by Joan Benoit Samuelson.

    • True. I was thinking that the determining factor may be going head to head with Tracy at TNF.Other then that, I don’t know off the top of my head if any other girl has had nearly the results that The Queen has achieved this year with regards to number of quality performances and field depth. I don’t think so.

      • @Craig,Upside, Upside. I ran my first track race when I was 9 years old and haven’t really stopped since. I can’t say my body is in real great shape, but, life is short. I still thrive on hammering it out every day!Don’t give in, just find creative new ways to run hard and go for it. Screw age. Is there any better feeling then flying down single track on a good day? No way !

      • @Craig, LB, but you’re on the upside of your youthful blogging career… and it’s only a matter of time before they add voting for “UBOTY”…Ultrarunning Blogger Of The Year. Goals man…goals. And, based on how you introduced yourself to my GF (you know the one that shattered your mancrush with claims that I was better looking than a certain WS superhero) in Squaw Valley this year it’s obvious that your mind is running a solid 30 years behind your legs. Which reminds of that quote from your alter calf ego: “You run the first 50 with your legs. You run the last 50 with your mind.”
        PS. Can you really blame my GF for how she responded to your query? I mean it’s not like she could have said, “Well, yeah, but at least my BF is faster.”

          • @Craig, You read that comment 3 times? What a waste of time…but if you’re gonna read it 3 more let me see if I can help you get the most out of your efforts:
            1. What logic? This is the comments section of a blog; for the most part, the sitcom and/or day-time soaps equivalent of the writing world.
            2. Keep your blog going after this year…it’s one of the better ones and you’ll be able to set lifetime achievement PRs on it long after your legs are only giving up the age-group bests. Only The Queen is ageless…well, maybe The Jiz too.
            3. The SVI (Squaw Valley Incident)comment was, admittedly, tangential. Please disregard it in the same way that anyone would disregard a first time meeting, post-hug comment that started off with “I feel like I just had sex with you…” Especially when the commenter has painted toenails…
            Of course if my GF were to be so foolish as to partake of the MB training camp experience next spring you could argue that she was forewarned…
            4. If you are starting to feel old physically, be the first to run the entire 100 with your mind; just don’t try to run the entire 100 with your calves(oiled or not)…you’ll end up walking it in from the river like me.
            5. Still not understanding the logic? Me neither. See #1. Keep running and blogging and enjoying the process and the downsides will fall by the wayside.

  2. Living in Eugene it`s hard to be impressed with a runner who isn`t an olympian or world record holder well Meghan changed that view for me.More and more I mention her accomplishments and people say oh yeah I know who she is. They know who she is when I say Meghan,like when you say Pre,Lance,Deena,Meb,Joan,Shorter,Craig…..thats really cool. GO MEGHAN!

      • @Craig, “irreverent…really not my style.” who are you trying to fool? i spent way too much “quality” WS trail time with you and your Oregon jokesters this year to buy that! what exactly is the rest of the line you took your blog name from?… 🙂

        • @The Seed, Ya know, the same thing occurred to me when I read “irreverent …is really not my style”. Just curious what you mean by “way too much…time with you and your Oregon jokesters”. Does this mean you aren’t going to be at camp this year? Who do we pick on without you there?

          • @SLF, SLF, I hope I’m able to make it over for camp again. It was a great time but 2 things would make it even better: getting to stick around for the ICS Run and some new naming meat to take the heat off me, if only slightly. Memories: every time I hear Adam Sandler’s “Ode To My Car” now I think of meeting Victor on that snowy MB morning. Good times…

  3. Meghan you inspire us all the way over in Boise! Not week goes by that Denise and I don’t mention your name on a run. Once mentioned the pace always seems to pick up. We are all chasing you, thank you for that.

  4. Meghan Arborgast once ran Waldo so fast by the time she got back to the starting line it was the day before and Thornley and co. were giving the pre-race briefing about how no-one beats Meghan on this course. Next day she lowered her pace to below the speed of light to win again. True story.

    Craig Smith

  5. she’s got my vote…not that it counts for much, kind of like the popular vote in other voting arenas. her performance range over widely varying distances and terrains is what really stands out…and no DNFs…that should solidify a top vote for her by at least one of the panel members.

    • @Craig, I second that. Awesome Meghan! Inspiring. I feel honored that I was able to watch you consume a Foster’s Freeze milkshake with LB post-Peace Run last May…I would have said “honored to have run with you during the Peace Run,” but, ahhh, yeah, well…you guys looked like you had been at the River Crossing for hours by the time I showed up.

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