2010 Live Waldo Updates

This is Alan Abbs, a.k.a. White Trash. I’ll be doing updates on this page all day.  Refresh the page to get the latest info and send me comments if you have specific questions about runners and I’ll do my best to answer them. Or check the tweets on the right side of the blog. Look for updates beginning sometime between 7am and 8am.

The blog is live! Here’s the scoop on how it’ll work: Look for updates every 20 minutes or so. We’ll try to have exact times for the leaders, but after the top ten or so, times will likely be based on the ham radio check ins- so, they’ll only be accurate to within 5 to 10 minutes. If you have questions about a specific runner. Comment below, and I’ll respond to you in the comment when I get the info.

Weather was great during glow sticking. Start temp was around 40 degrees. High temp is supposed to be around 70. Sunny, no clouds.

Fuji Summit- Men: All at 7:07am 1) Tim Olson 2) Scott Jaime 3) Dan Olmstead. Women 1)Meghan Arbogast 7:22am 2)Amy Sproston 7:24 3) Ashley Nordell 7:34.

8:15am- We should get updates from Mt Ray AS (20mi) soon. While we’re waiting, a message from our sponsors. I have stack of 100 dollar bills to give out to first and second open and masters, and to the winner of the “Show us your Waldo” competition, Courtesy of Sunsweet Growers (www.sunsweet.com). Other cash sponsors include Montrail, City of Oakridge, and the Cleaner Earth Company. Their support keeps our costs down and allows us to make a large donation to the Willamette Pass Ski Patrol. I’m also using the cash to swat mosquitos, which are pretty bad right now.

8:20am (updated 8:50am)- Mt Ray (20.5mi) Men- 1)Tim Olson 7:59 2)Dan Olmstead 8:03 3)Scott Jaime 8:03 4) Jace Ives 8:06 5)Erik Skaden 8:06

8:40am- Looks like we started about 125 runners this morning. We had some fast looking early (3am)starters- the leaders of that group were only 15 minutes behind me when I finished glowsticking to Fuji Mtn AS. I barely had time to imbibe some Gu Brew and Coke- proud sponsors of WW100K.

8:50am- Mt Ray (20.5mi) Women- 1)Meghan Arbogast 8:23 2)Amy Sproston 8:23 3)Ashley Nordell 8:37

9:15am- Twins 1 (27.1mi) Men- 1)Tim Olson 8:57 2)Dan Olmstead 9:02 3)Lewis Taylor 9:05 4) Scott Jaime 9:07 5) Erik Skaden 9:12

9:30am- Everyone is through Mt Fuji (both ways), and the AS is being taken down.

9:35am The rumor (unsubstantiated) is that the costume theme of the Twins AS is “Heaven and Hell.” We feed all the PCT thru-hikers when they come through the Twins AS, and they get a show at the same time.

9:40am (9:55 updated)- Twins 1 (27.1mi) Women- 1)Amy Sproston 9:33 2)Meghan Arbogast 9:35 3)Ashley Nordell 9:49

9:45am (updated 10:00)- Charlton (32.0mi) Men- 1)Tim Olsen 9:37 2)Dan Olmstead 9:42 3)Lewis Taylor 9:48 4)Scott Jaime 9:55 5) Erik Skaden 9:57

10:05am- It sounds like everyone is through Mt Ray AS (20.5mi). (Confirmed, although we have a few reported drops that we’ll report on later). Also, the mountain bikers just showed up and the pass to ride the tram to the top and then downhill. Things are starting to get busy here at HQ. It’s great that we have so many radio operators here and all the aid stations to keep track of things. (10:50- Reported Drops thru Mt Ray- John Robertson and Randy Benthin).

10:25am (updated 10:50 and 11:45)- Charlton (32.0) Women 1)Amy Sproston 10:21 2) Meghan Arbogast 10:22 3)Ashley Nordell 10:50 (ham radio time) and 4)Jenny Capel 11:00 (ham time).

10:50am- 4290 (37.2mi) Men 1)Tim Olson 10:20 2)Dan Olmstead 10:28 3) Lewis Taylor 10:37 4) Erik Skaden 10:44 5) Joel Lanz 10:44 6) Scott Jaime 10:44

11:15am- I’m waiting on a new batch of updates. So, I am left to my thoughts. We have 2 spots each for Men and Women for the 2011 Western States. Spots also can roll down, so there’s a chance a third place spot can get an entry. All spots are still up for grabs and only 1 minute separates the top 2 women thru Charlton.

11:35am (update at 12:00, 12:10, 12:25, 12:30, 12:35)- 1)Tim Olson is through the Twins (#2) at 11:31. He’s only 6 minutes off of Erik Skaggs’ course record from 2009. 2)Dan Olmstead went through at 11:41 3) Lewis Taylor at 12:00 4) Erik Skaden 12:06 5)Joel Lanz 12:07 6)Scott Jaime 12:19 7) Mark Lantz 12:21. Mark Lantz is looking strong. 8) Jace Ives 12:25 9) William Emerson 12:26 10) Victor Ballesteros 12:34

11:50am- The sweeps, Bev (aka “French Kiss”) and Joe (aka “Drama Queen”) have gone through Twins #1 (27.1mi). Only new drop I know of is Win Goodbody (drop at Charlton).

12:15pm- Still trying to get an update on the women.

12:20pm (12:50, 1:10pm)- Maiden Pk AS (49.9mi) 1)Tim Olson 12:14- 9 min behind course record 2) Dan Olmstead 12:24 3)Lewis Taylor 12:46 4)Erik Skaden 12:56 5) Joel Lanz 12:59

12:30pm- Pair of Team Sunsweet wool socks to the first person that knows why Sunsweet runner Joe Palubeski is nicknamed “Drama Queen.” Another pair to the person who knows why I’m “White Trash.”

12:35pm- Drop Update- Judy Warga (at Charlton), Gerry Cherney (at Charlton)

12:40pm (update 12:45, 1:05, 1:20)- Twins #2 (44.7mi) Women 1)Meghan Arbogast 12:38 2)Amy Sproston 12:41 3)Ashley Nordell 1:05 4) Jenny Capel 1:15.

12:55pm- The Montrail folks are here showing off some cool shoes.

1:00pm- (update 1:50, 2:00, 2:05,2:15, etc) Maiden Summit (10mi to go!) 1)Tim Olson 12:55 2) DAN-O! Olmstead 1:08 3) Lewis Taylor 1:50 4)Erik Skaden 1:56 5)Joel Lanz 1:58 6)Mark Lantz 2:06 (1st Master) 7)Jace Ives 2:12 8)Scott Jaime 2:15 (2nd Master) 9) Victor Ballesteros 2:21 10)Aaron Schwartzbard 2:26

1:20pm- Drop Update- Peter Fish and Matt Herring, both at Charlton. Craig Sowash (at 4290).

1:25pm- (update 2:20) Maiden Lake AS (7.5mi to the finish) 1)Tim Olson 1:22 2)Dan Olmstead 1:34 3) Lewis Taylor 2:06 4)Erik Skaden 2:14 5)Joel Lanz 2:17

1:30pm- The sweeps have gone through Charlton (32.0mi)

1:45pm- We’re getting ready for the FINISH! Burgers, salad, drinks, mounds of cookies, and hot showers with handmade curtains- blue for the guys and pink for the gals! All included in the ultra low entry fee subsidized by our long list of sponsors. Make sure you check them out.

1:50pm- (update 2:10, 3:10) Maiden Pk AS (49.9mi) Women 1)Meghan Arbogast 1:27 2)Amy Sproston 1:30 3)Ashley Nordell 2:02 4)Jenny Capel 2:06 5)Jamie Frink 3:04

1:55pm- So, who is Tim Olson? That’s what we want to know. Well, he’s from Ashland, and he was 2nd at SOB50K this year- 3:47 or so, right behind Erik Skaggs. He apparently is another fast Ashlander.

2:05pm- Time to break out the hats! Finish the race and get your choice of sun hat, rain hat, or beanie. Finish 1 minute past the cutoff, and you get nothing! We also have over 2,000 photos and we’re putting some of them as twitpics- look for them to the right.

2:25pm- here comes Tim! We need MORE COWBELLS! He’s about to get $500! Finished…at… 2:25:04. Race time 9hr 25min 4 secs, unofficial! 2nd fastest time ever, I believe.

2:30pm- At the award ceremony, we’ll also settle the bet for the 2010 Western Pickle Puff- Craig vs Alan, combined time of Western States and the Cascade Cream Puff 100mi mtn bike race. Someone’s charity is going to get $1,000!

2:30pm- (Update 3:15) Maiden Summit (10mi to go!) Women 1)Meghan Arbogast 2:30 2) Amy Sproston 2:31 (It’s a race!!!!) 3)Jenny Capel 3:10 (she moves up a place!)

2:35pm- Dan Olmstead 2nd Place! Race time 9:34:34. He’s going to Western States! Hooray for Dan and Team Sunsweet! He also gets $295!

3:00pm- Maiden Lake (7.5mi to go) Women- 1)Meghan Arbogast 2:47 2) Amy Sproston 2:49

3:10pm- Here comes Lewis Taylor, another Team Sunsweet runner- 3rd place! 10hr 9min 30sec.

3:22pm- Erik Skaden- 4th Place, 1st Californian- 10:21:33.

3:25pm- The bonfire it lit (or lighted, if you prefer) and the food will be served shortly.

3:30pm- Mark Lantz picks up a place on the final leg! 5th overall, 1st Masters, and he gets $150. 10hr 28 30sec.

3:40pm- Suprise! Jace Ives gets 6th 10hr 34min, followed by 7th Joel Lanz 10hr 36min and 8th William Emerson 10hr 37min. William is the 2nd Master- he gets $100.

3:45pm- more drops- Jim Hammond, Miles Lilly, Joe Moseley, Sharon Rogers, Bradford Lombardi, John Zeier, Carl Sniffen

3:45pm 9th place Victor Ballesteros 10hr 44min.

3:50pm 10th place Aaron Swartzbard 10hr 49min. Scott Jaime 11th 10:52.

3:53pm- And the Women’s winner is……. Meghan Arbogast 10:52:50! 1st Master. Queen Double Dipper- she gets $500 for the win and $150 for the Masters win.

4:05pm- Amy Sproston 2nd female. 11:02:37. She gets her Western States spot, and $295. Congrats!

4:40pm- Jenny Capel 3rd female 11:40. She has a spot in 2011 Western States, if she wants it. Sounds like “no.”

4:45pm- Ashley Nordell 4th female 11:44

6:05pm- We have 38 finishers so far, including Clare Abram Female #5, and imminently Angela Shartel Female #6.

7:00pm – We have 50 total finishers so far.  Jamie Frink finished 7th female at 13:05:56, Gretchen Brugman was 8th at 13:30:55, and Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs 9th at 13:50:48

7:20pm- 62 total finishers. And surpassed the site traffic easily over last year’s coverage.

7:40pm- 69 total finishers, and everyone’s past Maiden Summit and heading to the finish.

7:49pm- My man Clyde The Glide Aker finishes.

7:50pm- 74 finishers. Our record is 88 in 2009. We have until 9pm.

7:55pm- Awards ceremony in 5 min. short break in coverage.

8:32pm- Our 89th finisher, and he swam in 4 lakes- Our Wet Waldo winner is Mark Brewer.

8:37pm- Getting ready to shut things down- There may be a few updates more. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Nice updates, thank you! Any news about my sister Kate Merrill, (KateMD) would be greatly appreciated. She struggled through this race a few years ago and fell short three miles before the end. She finished last year, barely. So we have our fingers crossed for a much better finish this year. Again, thanks for doing this, it means a lot. KP

  2. Thanks for the updates Craig and Alan!
    Any way to get a post on the top 10-15 women? We are following your coverage from Folsom. Just wondering how my lovely wife Jamie Frink (#181) is doing. 🙂

  3. The Maiden awaits the leaders….it’s not always over there, remember a few years back when AJW caught Jeff Riley after Maiden on the run in…however, you just know when you reach the top of Maiden you’re gonna finish.

  4. You are Whitetrash because you work in the Solid Waste industry, dunno if you’re a Waste Management employee or if I just insulted you for thinking you were???? PS, we still pick up garbage here in Iowa with two people on a garbage truck, one driving one riding on the back jumping off to get the can…just like when I was a kid.

    • @Cougarbait, Correct- and I also live in Red Bluff, giving the potential for a double meaning. We’re all about double meaning!

      And since I got the nickname, I left the garbage biz, and now I work in air quality.

      I’ll get you address later.

  5. Excellent job WT. Didn’t know you were doing this until now. Would have had a pair of those great purple socks if I was around the computer. Damn. Great to see Ashland having success again. Tim should just about be in. He was looking good in the beer mile on Tuesday.–wearing the skirt and all.

  6. Nothing against Amy, we are pulling for Meghan in Iowa!!!! 2 min lead headed into the rollers before the descent into the Rosary lakes, then gentle downhill to the finish, go Meghan!

  7. Just received this from Greg Soderlund, RD of WSER:

    Congratulations to Meghan Arbogast, Amy Sporston and Jenny Capel for their first, second and third place finishes Congrats too to Tim Olson and Dan Olmstead for their overall first and second place finishes. Amy, Jenny, Tim and Dan all earned an auto slot in WS. Meghan was a top-10 WS finisher (2nd woman) this year earning her an auto entry next year, so the next slot rolls down to Amy.

    Greg Soderlund, RD

  8. Congratz to all finishers. Tough course. Exceptional race directiors.

    Ran out on the course last year to finish with my husband. Not there this year. Naturally concerned with where he is.

    Thank you for keeping the posting going.

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