Answers to WS100 1980s Video Trivia Contest

We got a lot of responses to the 1980s WS video trivia contest. Here are the results and the answers.

Monkeyboy and Seagul Junker tie for first.

lc and Gary Wang tie for third.

1. “As the sage Demosthenes Brito once said: Everyday is not the same and that’s alright by me.”

Steve Warshawer 1988.  He wasn’t having his best day. He’s sponging off at what appears to be Cal2 but the movie makes it seem like the river crossing.

2. “They say there are three types of runners at Western States: the survivors, the runners, and the racers.  Of that group I’d say that I’m one of the racers.

Jim King 1983.  Pre-race interview shown at the start of the video.  Mullet looking sharp.

3. “You betcha I am.  I want one of them cougars.

Mark Brotherton 1989.  At Cal 2 after moving into second and being asked if he was going after Sean Crom, the leader.

4. “No, I run for me. I run me. I run me hard.

Terri Gerber 1985.  Pre-race interview with spooky eyes.  No wonder people think we aren’t normal.

5. “I like to lead the race from the beginning if possible.  But, I think it’s much more important to lead the race at the finish.  So, that’s my key goal.”

Jim King 1986.  Pre-race interview.  Probably still remembers getting outsprinted in the last half-mile in 1983 by Jim Howard.

6. “I’ve been urinating right down my legs and I think that keeps my feet saturated … maybe I shouldn’t do that anymore.”

Tim Ball 1989.  At Cal 2 after leading and running ahead of course record splits all the way through Foresthill.

7. “Well, I’ll tell you.  I’ve gone up and down to heaven and hell ten times along the way, and right now I’m coming back up.

The late Jim Pellon 1985.  On the streets of Auburn.  He ended up second place again.

8. “Can anyone believe they can run 100 miles?  I don’t know … I do it tree to tree.

Ann Trason 1989.  At the finish.  The first of her collection of 14 victories.

9. “These little piggies don’t go to the market.” [Don’t you have money for another pair of shoes?] “No, you know how us dentists are, we barely know where our next 100,000’s coming from.

Ross Waltzer 1985.  Dropping out at Michigan Bluff.  He’s sitting in the chair with shoes that have the toes cut out.

10. [You’ve been smiling since I saw you.] “Well, I like runnin’.

Chuck Jones 1986.  Running up Bath Rd.

Extra Credit “Stay cool, you know that.  Stay cool.  Don’t blow the wad.

A reliable source tells me this is Robin Rossow in 1983.  She’s talking to Rae Clark as he’s running out of the Devil’s Thumb Aid Station.  Absolute classic.

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  1. After going through the answers and the rules that I clearly (?) spelled out, looks like we have a tie for first between Monkeyboy and Seagul Junker. Each was the first to get two quotes correct. lc and Gary Wang were tied for third with each being the first to get one quote correct.

    Notables were BK and Keith who identified several speakers but either left out or incorrectly indentified the years.

    Monkeyboy definitely added the most color, while Keith also should get some props by identifying runners in the picture.

    So, I’ll give shirts to Monkeyboy, Seagul Junker, lc, and Gary Wang with fruit going to BK and Keith.

    Thanks for playing.

  2. While it is an honor to win the first contest you conduct on your blog, in the spirit in which the contest was conducted, i have a proposal of my own. I would like to donate my prize of a Conduct the Juices t-shirt to a new contest. I propose that you host the 1st annual Tim Tweitmeyer Moustache Growing Competition to be held between now and the Big Dance. Competitors will submit themselves for judging in Squaw the day before and have a panel of judges to include myself, you and the contest’s namesake. We could come up with the details later. Competition is open to anyone, including women. Rules to follow. Perhaps we could nominate a fellow blogger as independent judge and Moustache Technical Advisor. Thoughts on this idea?


  3. I got the Conduct The Juices shirts and hoodie sweatshirts today. They’re awesome. A bit crude, but awesome. I think they’re subtle, but Lady Balls doesn’t.

    I’ll give one to MonkeyBoy and lc soon. Seagull Junker might have to wait until Peterson Ridge or the Mac. Wanger, I’ll give you a hoodie at Way Too Cool.

    Fruit to BK and Keith should be in person at a race. WS at the latest.

    Thanks for playing, everybody.

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