10 Things Craig Probably Didn’t Say in His Interview

Guest Post by White Trash (Alan Abbs)

By now everyone knows that Craig is the RD in Waiting for Western States. Craig’s been so busy he didn’t even notice I slipped this in the blog queue only a few days after the announcement. Only the Board knows what was said in the interview, but here are 10 things I think Craig probably didn’t say to get the job.

10. I think Prepaid IVs would be a really good idea!
9. This whole tradition thing is overrated- Let’s just do a Friday night check in and start a couple hours later. Get your buckle at the finish line and we’re out of here!
8. We have to offer more prize money than any other race.
7. Instead of silver and bronze buckles, how about we go bronze and pewter?
6. No one will ever know how many we send through Granite Chief- Let’s raise the number of entries by a couple hundred.
5. Water and gel only for remote aid stations- if we can’t drive to it, runners shouldn’t expect full service.
4. I have prepared a 30 minute speech on my opinions on mandatory volunteerism. Here it goes…
3. I’m going to create a “Wet Western States” and “Show us your Western States” award. Cannonball off No Hands anyone?
2. Did you know I have a blog?

And finally…
1. I really need this job because I’m getting crushed in the Ten Year Bet!

Anything else you think Craig didn’t say?


  1. Instead of drop bags, I plan to install an enormous network of pneumatic tubes across the Sierra. This is the future. And, we won’t be call them “drop” tubes. That word shall not be uttered during the race.

  2. “Running during the night is just too dangerous. I think we should make everyone stop 30 minutes after sundown, sleep until 30 minutes before dawn, and then resume running.”


    “I brought turkey and avocado sandwiches for all of you.”

  3. “I am used to working full-time putting a full week, I have been working an 18 hour work week for years!”
    “I developed my people skills working in the IT department….at night…um… when the server is down.”
    “Anything you say on your blog, can’t and won’t be used against you when you become the RD…right?!”
    ” I am confused? Was Jones or Wilkins his maiden name?”
    “I applied because I thought you said you were bored of Directors, not the Board of Directors….my bad?”
    “Snow report, I am getting rid of it, who needs that in late June? Javelina doesn’t need one and it’s damm near winter when they run that race?”
    “Everyone should be required to eat an ice cream before Cal Street”
    “No, that is not a picture of me in the coconut bra and grass skirt at an aide station!”

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