Mr Centerfold

Here are ten observations about an ultrarunner who’s kind of a big deal right now.

1. He runs in high heels.

2. He could be a descendant of sasquatch.

3. Hard to keep track of where he lives.  Is it California or Colorado?

4. He’s InsideTrail’s ‘little darling.’

5. Because he bailed on them, interviewed me instead.

6. He’s afraid to run when it gets above 90.

7. He’s not on AJW’s 2011 Christmas card list, yet again.

8. In spite of the above, he may actually be named UROY this year – finally.

9. He’s a cunning denizen of the ultra savanna.

10. He’s a centerfold pin up.

Mr Mackey enroute to a new course record at Waldo 100K. Photo by Michael Lebowitz LongRun Picture Co

Did I miss anything?


  1. Mackey’s not our “little darling”. That’s like so “last week” [valley girl voice]. We’re shuffling back over to the Alaskan Beast’s bandwagon now.

    Are you still running Grindstone, Craig? Would love to do that race sometime. Seems like a burly course and the start time is brilliant.

  2. 1) The only big deal these days is some guy from AK (or CO, or NY??) named for a red flower
    2) I am sasquatch-like only on some parts .. like my running posture perhaps
    3) I live neither in CO or CA.. I live in the Republics of either Boulder or Marin, depending on my shockra for the week
    4) I am only my mommy’s little darling
    5) ultrarunnerpodcast.. still waiting to hear back to interview so I can irritate their listeners
    6) Turn that 9 over.. I am only afraid to run in 60 degrees F
    7) AJW sends me coal instead of a card
    8) 2nd rule of fight club: You do not talk about fight club.
    9) Agreed .. the savanna is my home.. rrrr!
    10) Don’t get the centerfold pages sticky again, Craig!

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