Ten Excuses AJW Can Use

Here are ten excuses AJW can use when he doesn’t break 5 minutes for the mile on November 23.

  1. “I’m a 100 mile runner.”
  2. “I live at altitude and can’t get the leg turnover in training.”
  3. “You took us through the half in 2:30 and drained the kick out of me.”
  4. “I only had two beers the night before.”
  5. “I wanted to help your self-esteem, LB.”
  6. “Wow, I didn’t know 5 minute pace was that fast.  It looks easy when you run it, LB.”
  7. “I just assumed it was a beer mile.”
  8. “There’s three feet of snow in my front yard.”
  9. “It was raining.  If it were in Idaho we would have canceled the race.”
  10. “I suck on the track, OK.  Is that what you want to hear, LB?”

Got any others for him?

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  1. 12. Getting my sponsors lined up took too much time and energy away from my interval training.

    13. Looking at my watch to see if I was hitting my 10 meter split times turned out to be more distracting than beneficial.

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