Brian Arbogast 1945-2010

Brian and Meghan before Where's Waldo 100km

Brian Arbogast, 65, passed away tonight, August 9, 2010 after a multi-year battle with brain tumors.  I’ll update this post with details on where to make donations, etc. as decisions are made.  Be strong, Meghan.

Aug 10 update: If you want to send flowers to Meghan and her family you may do so at:

1633 SW Otana Dr
Corvallis, OR 97333

Donations can be made to UCSF Brain Tumor Center.


  1. I met Brian through work interactions at OSU back in 1999. I quickly noticed that when I talked about “work stuff” our conversations were short and to the point. Then I noticed that when I mentioned running our conversations were more relaxed and lasted longer. Lesson learned. Brian appreciated the good things in life, he was a good person and will be missed. Peace be with you Brian.

  2. I first met Brian at tryouts for the OSU men’s club volleyball team in 1983. We played with and against each other for the next 5 years. He was older than the rest of the guys on the team, and his work ethic, competitiveness, and demeanor was a huge asset to the team. We both “retired” from volleyball and migrated to endurance sports. Over the years we shared some runs, rides and a lot of discussions on various training methods, nutrition and getting faster.
    Brian, it’s been a good run. RIP
    Our thoughts are with you Meghan, Ruby, Zach and Ezra.

  3. Meghan
    I am brought to a familiar place of pain/wonder

    Like my old best friend’s backside, that I traveled behind for many years… partly on foot, just walking.
    Sometimes I recognize myself in others. I recognize myself in those who will endure, friends who will shelter me, beautiful holy fools of justice and flying creatures of beauty and other bums and vagrants who walk the earth and will continue walking, just as the stars will continue in the night and the waves in the sea. Then, when I recognize myself in them, I am the air coming to know myself as part of the wind.
    I think it was Tomasita, tomasita linda de viejo, who said that sometimes the wind changes its air.
    When I am no longer, the wind will be, will continue being.

    My heart is full of love and strength to you an Brian and Ruby…

  4. Meghan, As I write this I am suddently filled with selfish emotion. You and Brian have always held a special place in my heart.Brian, you will be missed. We shared lot’s over the yrs. as we waited and supported Meghan and Craig’s races. We got below the surface talk with our sharing and it meant so much to me. Good memories my friend. Also, Meghan….you have a huge support group as you are loved by so many. Love, Bill and Carole

  5. Meghan, I am so very sad to read that you lost your husband in 2010. I am certain that he is smiling at all of your great running adventures. I was cheering you and my brothers on today for the Twin Cities Marathon 2011. Sending my thoughts and prayers, Nancy from Mn.

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