Champion athlete from Ashland hit with hefty medical bills

John Darling article in the 9/02/2009 Mail Tribune:

An Ashland ultra-marathoner who fell gravely ill after winning the 100-kilometer Where’s Waldo race east of Eugene faces another daunting challenge: $25,000 to $30,000 in medical bills.

Erik Skaggs, 27, spent six days in local hospitals recovering from acute renal failure, apparently caused by a combination of dehydration and taking ibuprofen after a demanding race.

“I’m pretty excited to be out,” Skaggs said while recovering at home Tuesday. “My renal and blood tests are still not good. It was rough. It takes you out of everything “¦ I might have been in trouble if I hadn’t gotten to the hospital.”

Skaggs won the 62-mile race Aug. 22 in nine hours, 11 minutes, smashing the USA Track & Field national championship course record by more than 56 minutes.

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  1. Yes, interesting. Pretty much mirrors the national discussion. The loudest voices are the ones standing up against any sort of national health plan. The middle of the road opinions, with questions needing to be answered and opinions waiting to be formed until legislation is proposed, as well as the more committed don’t get on TV or much ink.

    Personally I agree with the guy in the Medford paper that suggested taxing people with a BMI above, I think he suggested 30. I’d take the max down to 18 before the tax kicks in 😉

    As of today, the running community and others have chipped in almost $2,500! Thanks to everyone who has supported Erik both financially and emotionally. He remains stable but still not hugely improved.

    Kyle is in town to help Erik and lead the Wednesday night “fun” run yesterday. I’m ready to send him back to NM. If he’d just breath hard it would make me feel better.


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