Ten WS Predictions

Instead of all this talk about who’s gonna be in the top five or top ten, I thought us taper-wonked WS runners might want to make some lighter predictions for the race.  If you get named specifically, consider it an honor.



1. Who will wear the Sexiest Outfit?

This is easy.  Jenn Shelton for the ladies and Hal Koerner for the fellas.  Both will just ooze sexiness.

2. Who will take the Longest Aid Station Break?

AJW will take a two hour nap at Michigan Bluff waiting for me to arrive so we can run together the rest of the way to the track (where I will outkick him).

3. Who will be the First Pacer to Get Dropped?

If my prediction for #2 doesn’t pan out then the East Coast Wimp will get dropped going up to highway 49.  If prediction #2 holds then either Tbag or Balloon Knot will get dropped between highway 49 and the finish.

4. Who in the top ten men will make the Greatest Move Up from Foresthill?

Tapeworm will be 12th man at Foresthill and finish 4th.

5. How many Oregonians will be in the Top Twenty (men and women combined)?


6. Who will be the Biggest Metabolic Disaster?

With Jon Olsen out of the race, this could be an Oregonian…

7. Who will have the Most Trashed Feet?

SLF or Tapeworm.

8. Who will throw down the Best Single Line of Smack Talk During the Race?

Twiet.  Either on the course or at the finish line.

9. Who will have the Biggest PR?

Jed Tuckman.  He won’t run with his bank robber suit on and will blast out a 3 hour PR.

10. Who will finish DFL?

An Oregonian…

What are your predictions?


  1. Great post! And, please, be sure to wake me up at Michigan Bluff so I can give you a quad massage.

    A few other predictions:

    Winner of the Eric Clifton Memorial Western States Escarpment 7K:
    -Some guy who will not finish
    Fastest Split from Robinson Flat to Millers’ Defeat
    -Bilirubin, this is where he always “makes his move”
    Most over-the-top crew catering to their runners’ every need
    -LB’s crew
    Best Pacers of the weekend
    -Bryon Powell and Jeff Hutson
    Person likely to greet us on the road up from Robie Point cheering and yelling and screaming from the parties on the side of the road
    -Shannon Weil
    Most popular beer consumed on the infield post-race
    -Sierra Nevada


  2. I cannot be broken LB. I am a fighter. Don’t be surprised if I put the hammer down on the pavement at Robie. Remember how hard you were breathing walking up the hill in ’07? I had a top 10 split from No Hands to the track in 2006. The fire still burns inside me. …..I might just go for a run today.

  3. @BK – I do remember breathing hard in 2007 with you and Ticer but I’m fitter this year. And, yes, that was a fine split you ran in 2006, but didn’t you walk most of the way to No Hands from the start? You better get out and run today. You can bet I would love to get the getting dropped monkey off my back.

  4. LB-Hal should get the award for the best facial hair as well. We’re all beside ourselves wondering what the look will be for this year. I’m hoping for the simple, elegant, always fashionable soul patch. Wish I could grow one…

  5. Normally a prediction like moving from 12th to 4th in this field after never have run over 60 miles would give me pause. However, with my body double, the Mountain Bike I have stashed on Cal Street and the raft hidden in the bush I plan to take from the crossing to no hands I’m feeling a little more confident. As for the trashed feet, you haven’t seen my bubble wrap socks yet, it’s like floating on little clouds.

  6. @BK – Let’s try to get there before that midnight breeze starts to blow.

    @SLF – Many of us wish we could grow a soul patch like Hal.

    @Dan Olmstead – All that course knowledge you’ve amassed is helping with your race day plan I see. If we have another Oregonian disqualified from a California race they may ban all of us!

  7. Which sponsored Moeben athlete will rock the arm panties the entire distance? If so, which colors will they be?

    Who amongst the male finishers will boast the smallest shoe size? I predict an Oregonian for this as well.

    Predict the cumulative net finishing times for Wardian and GM for the World 100K/States double.

    Finally, a declaration amongst all the mental masturbation.

    When Hal repeats this year, I’m wearing a fake soul patch to the awards ceremony.

  8. @white trash: cool. could you dye it black for authenticity?

    i am going to ask t-bag to grow one for us while he’s pacing bili in case anyone needs a stand in. he should be able to knock a good one out in a couple of hours, tops.

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