Day Tres

Day 3: Monday, April 27

Guest Post by Lewis (lowercase) Taylor

The boys will be headed back into Volcano Canyon today for an easy 12-mile afternoon run. I’ll be trying to equal their mileage and find some similar terrain on my lunch break and my commute home from work.

@ the Kinder Care with Alice FP.

@ the Kinder Care with Alice FP.

What They Ran: Out and back from MB to Foresthill. The weather was cool enough for Bili and GM to don their gloves and there was, reportedly, lots of wind. LB was nice enough to show everyone where I got lost in 2007.

Righty tighty, lefty Lewis

Righty tighty, lefty Lewis.

Based on the pace (“slower than sh-t”) and the lack of run details offered up by the boys, I’d say this run won’t go down as one of the training camp highlights.

What I Ran: Lane Community College to Martin Way and back + work to Kinder Care to home on bike path and city streets. I was looking for a dusty road that led to a “canyon.” This is the best I could do on short notice. I won’t even try to compare my run home with the baby jogger.

Their total distance/time: 12 miles/2:10.

Oregon rocks chrome!

Oregon rocks chrome!

My total distance/time: 7 + 5 = 12 miles/58:13 + 1:13:28 = 2:11: 41 (with emergency apple juice stop at the Safeway)

What they saw: Racer snake,

This racer snake made it to Foresthill before the boys did

This racer snake made it to Foresthill before the boys did.

skunk who was hot for MonkeyBoy’s headband wearing business, “Zapatista” on a mini-bike.

What I saw: Ridiculous wealth alongside appalling poverty, people who wanted to be left alone.

Camp Conditions: The run didn’t start until early afternoon, which left lots of time to “sit around and lick nuts.” Dan-O shaved his beard into a Fu Man Chu, GM was crowned the Poop Queen and Bili had an accident. The brownies were “even chewier and moister” according to MB, which tends to happen as camp progresses and runners get hungrier. SLF’s weight was a disappointing 124 pounds (down one pound from the previous day).

Entertainment for the night:
SLF cooked lasagna, there was a “Big Lebowski” screening and a call came in from AJW who wanted to know everybody’s splits from the previous day.

Just like Chicken Hawk Road (without the getting lost part).

Tastes just like Chicken Hawk Road.

On the campers’ schedule for tomorrow: “Dusty to MB (run Devil’s Thumb?)” for 20+ miles.


  1. lowercase

    great post. i’ve been checking in with the campers daily and it seems to me they’re running very slowly. i don’t know what you think but i have a feeling they’re sandbagging so they’ll be tapered for the ice cream sandwich. i bet they won’t even do el dorado with me on friday afternoon!


  2. AJW,

    They are sandbagging big time. Once they have a few days to get the bark out of there system they will be ready to roll for Saturday. I will only divulge one split and that is a 19:30 from the river to green gate. That is just a minute or two off of my race day split:) Have a good run this weekend and maybe I will see you at the Peace Run.@AJW

  3. lc: your an awesome dad
    mb: I thought you weren’t going to eat the brownies this year!?
    LB: I got the BL from Netflix and will be well informed for the hill aid st.
    ajw: keep your pants on about ElDorado and don’t mess with anyone else’s training week
    GM: Your my herione! I miss sleeping with you!!!

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